10″ x 1″ Office Door Signs with Aluminium Holders


Length: 10” x 1″ (255 mm x 38 Width approx) Insert Size: 10″ x 1″ (255 mm x 25 mm, approx) Double-sided adhesive tape on the back of holders ready to fix Material: Coloured Acrylics Simple Logo’s can be incorporated (ask for details)

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Our 10″ x 1″ Interchangeable Office Door Signs, complete with sleek Aluminium Holders. Elevate your workplace signage with our versatile and customisable office door sign solutions. Our high-quality, 10″ x 1″ interchangeable door signs are designed to meet the dynamic needs of modern offices. Each sign effortlessly fits into the durable aluminium holder, providing a professional and polished appearance. These signs are perfect for designating offices, meeting rooms, or employee workspaces. With easy installation, you can quickly attach the aluminium holder to your office doors or walls, ensuring a secure and stylish presentation. The interchangeable feature allows you to update names, titles, or room assignments with ease, making our signs a cost-effective and flexible choice for your office environment.

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions 254 × 38 × 3 mm

Acrylic, Aluminum


Doube Sided Tape


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