Frequently Asked Questions

Unfortunately this isn't possible due to the product being custom to you, if you have any issues or problems with your order please contact us, and we will do what we can to ensure you are happy with your product.

No, the payment is a one time payment and this cost covers prepping your logo and getting it ready to engrave on our machines so that it looks perfect. If you have already paid before, and we have it on file, then just order the name badges and leave it in the personalisation details or order notes on the checkout (We are working on having an option tied to your account, so you can select the logo FOC).

Typically, we do not allow your custom items or materials to be engraved on, this is due to if there are any issues it could ruin the item/materials it could also be due to any toxic/chemical fumes that could possibly be produced that could harm us or our equipment.

For our personalised items, they will typically be dispatched anywhere from 3 to 5 days, depending on workload and time taken to manufacture your product. This sometimes can be less or more(We will add notices or contact you when an order is placed if this is the case).