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Below is our portfolio of some of our best projects and case studies; we update this regularly with any new projects. We work with many different materials such as; Wood, Acrylic, Aluminium, Leather, Glass and a lot more. Using precision equipment and high-quality materials, we can create the perfect product for you.

From custom signage and prototyping to wedding decorations and personalised products you can view some of our work below and if you are interested in having some work commissioned then you can contact us below.

Delicious looking east Asian dish on top of custom chopping board.

KOI Kitchen

KOI Kitchen saw one of our other clients post their product on social media and that is how they found us. They came to us to get a custom bamboo chopping board so they can use it for their online courses.

Their requirements were to have their logo engraved in the top right-hand side of the chopping board so it faced the viewers when being watched. They requested the logo to be 100mm tall. We supplied an initial proof and made minor changes based on their feedback until they were happy.

If you are interested in learning bespoke cooking visit their site below.

I ordered a branded chopping board off the back of a recommendation I saw on LinkedIn. I teach cookery classes online and in-person so wanted to have some branded material around that would be obvious onscreen and make a good background for photos.

The process of ordering was very simple, Lee was extremely helpful and quick to get back to me. I received the product in a very well wrapped package within a couple of days of the order being completed.

The finish on the logo looks great, I got exactly what I asked for and would definitely order more when the time comes. I’m very impressed.

Absolutely would recommend LNM Laser and use again.

Sam Sin
KOI Kitchen
Custom breadboad from business bread

Business Bread

Business Bread came to us looking for some gifts for clients and they chose to have their logo engraved on to these bamboo chopping boards. The reason for choosing this chopping board is that they run a meeting that they call a “breadboard”. That is the reason to go for this chopping board and having their logo so they can give physical “breadboards” out to their clients.

Their requirements were that they needed twelve boards with their logo engraved in the bottom right with a minimum width of 75mm. So we supplied the Business Bread team with proof to ensure that they are happy with what will be engraved.

To ensure that the logo is crisp and as clean as possible we vectorised it which means that we can resize this logo to any size required without losing any quality. The turn around on this project was 5 days from initial request to delivery of the final product.

I wanted something a bit special for a corporate giveaway and I spotted these on Etsy. Not only was the product great but the designing, approval and customer service were fantastic. Highly recommended.

Rob Grant, Chief Question Asker
Business Bread
Large box with our rainbow 2020 remembrance plaque engraved on to the top.

Memory Box

We were asked by a customer if we were able to engrave our rainbow plaques design on to the top of a large memory box (30cm x 20cm x 13cm). We started by prepping this box by sanding down each of the sides to ensure a very smooth surface before engraving. When we were ready to engrave it was very successful on the engraving and it came out beautifully on our first pass. We then applied the colour for the rainbow and a quality finishing oil for the wood this made the box just pop and we are very pleased with the result and the client was too.

I received the product today and I am very pleased with the result.

Customer requested to remain private.