Find some helpful tips on cleaning and the process of our products being made as well as our custom projects that we have created so you can see what bespoke items we can do and how we can create something ideal for your needs.

Multiple Name Badges aligned next to each other with logos just text and different colours.

Name Badges, and how personalised can you make it?

Name badges are made for business that interact with the general public, used typically in retail, dental, hospitals, veterinary, hospitality...
Cemetery with memorial plaques on graves.

Memorial Plaque – What could you write on your memorial plaque?

Do you need some inspiration on what you can write on a memorial plaque? Read some ideas on what you...
Restored wooden bench with a new brass plaque

Restored Bench With A New Brass Plaque

We were asked to do a special bespoke sized brass plaque for a customer who was restoring an old bench...
Olive tree product, eternal hiba model on top of customised gift box with close up engraved plaque

Custom Narrow Plaques with QR Code

We have been working very closely with Eternal Hiba for a long time now, and we have a great working...