Multiple Name Badges aligned next to each other with logos just text and different colours.

Name Badges, and how personalised can you make it?

Name badges are made for business that interact with the general public, used typically in retail, dental, hospitals, veterinary, hospitality and many more.

Custom Badge shape in the style of a ticked but in filled with colour yellow

Custom Shapes

Using state-of-the-art equipment, we can create fully custom shaped badges that conform to your logo or just make your badges stand out.

Engraved Logos

Would you like to have your branding on your name badges? Do you have an icon or specific font? We can create a custom name badge from your logo and ensure that your branding is 100% on point and represents you to the best possible degree.

Logo engraving on badge with detailed hops and company name.
Black badge with text in filled on the engraving in pink

Colour Infilling

We can apply almost any colour infill to our name badges if we have it available, this will make your name badge stand out and look amazing, to the left is one of our clients, and they loved our name badges once they arrived.

Choice of Materials

Wood, Acrylic, Aluminium and Brass are a few of the materials we can use to create your custom name bade. Are you looking for an elegant brass badge or an industrial look aluminium badge?

Metal Brass badge with rounded edges engraved with person's name and job title and in filled.

If you are looking for something a bit better than just the standard badge, contact us, and we can create something truly bespoke for you, be it a one-off badge or bulk quantities we can help you with any of your requirements. Drop us a message TODAY and let’s get your project started.

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